Thursday, May 26, 2011

Press and Peel

I learnt this new technique today...this is my drawing printed on a piece of press and peel for copper etching. This is the backing piece you don't use though, the usable piece is dark blue and is ironed onto copper sheet (or what ever metal you choose), taped to a block of repurposed styrofoam and placed face down in an acid bath to eat away at the exposed surface and leave your design. Mines going to become a brooch. The same technique is used to make circuit boards. My plate is etched and soon I'll make the brooch back pin and decide on a surface colour treatment.

And in the background is my minty polkadot and floral apron, I have quite a big collection of lovely vintage aprons found over the years of op shopping. I like to wear them whilst in the workshop but also as everyday wear as well.

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  1. that sounds so intricate and complex! It all sounds very exciting =)