Thursday, July 29, 2010

searching for fractal broccoli/cauliflower

Called either Italian Cauilflower, Veronica Cauliflower or Romanesco Broccoli, it naturally forms in fantastic fractal spiral shapes.

HELP! : Does anyone know where I can buy this in Melbourne Australia? I'm hoping to find some in the next week as I need it for a project I'm working on... Also has anyone in Australia seen it for sale at any point or known anyone that has? Need to also determine if it's available for sale in Australia, after much searching of the interwebs I only find mention of it in America and Europe, your help would be muchly appreciated :)

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  1. This is my favourite veggie! Not only b/c it's amazing (The 1st time I saw it I stared so long people in the produce section were complaining about the 'girl on drugs staring at cauliflower'), it's also the tastiest broccoli ever! You'll probably have luck finding it after this month. It only comes around Sept-Nov, & only at local markets. I can't find it the rest of the year. I live in VA