Friday, May 27, 2011

The moons full of water ice and crystals

This latest scientific news ties in perfectly with my latest works, especially the ones I'm in the process of making right now!
The discovery has been that the interior of the moon is filled with water ice, and crystals are what keep it there... here are some snippets of the article I read:

"Last October, scientists announced that a crater near the lunar south pole is jam-packed with water ice, likely holding a billion gallons of the stuff"

"This discovery, made by studying pieces of lunar magma hurled to the surface by ancient volcanic eruptions"

"the researchers analyzed pieces called melt inclusions, which are minuscule globules of lunar magma encased within solid crystals"

"These crystals prevented the magma's water from gassing out during the eruption, thereby largely preserving the original water content of the underground rock"

This is very very inspiring for me!

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