Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Angel Aura Quartz ring

Silver, Precious metal plated quartz.

Stamped with a steel teardrop stamp tool I made myself. Contructed out of random scraps found in my tool box. Made for a 3 hour ring challenge where I was asked to complete a ring within that time frame, or close to finished as possible, I completed mine in 3.5-4 as I chose a time consuming design.

This ring I made and only just finished a few days ago is currently in a mini exhibition at the Box Hill Centre for Creative Industries library display cabinet in the lobby. Displayed on some beautiful seasonal found items like rosey autumn leaves, dried branches and hopefully soon some cheerful bright big red toadstools.. I'm going to pick some at midnight tonight before I go to bed from out the front of my house, fingers crossed they haven't been eaten by bugs. It's so cold in the mountains at the moment the mushrooms have started growing early this year, apparently it even snowed a little further up the mountain the other night! Time to start knitting and collecting firewood!

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