Thursday, July 29, 2010

searching for fractal broccoli/cauliflower

Called either Italian Cauilflower, Veronica Cauliflower or Romanesco Broccoli, it naturally forms in fantastic fractal spiral shapes.

HELP! : Does anyone know where I can buy this in Melbourne Australia? I'm hoping to find some in the next week as I need it for a project I'm working on... Also has anyone in Australia seen it for sale at any point or known anyone that has? Need to also determine if it's available for sale in Australia, after much searching of the interwebs I only find mention of it in America and Europe, your help would be muchly appreciated :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dune (1984) David Lynch

One of my favourite movies ever!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

U-noa Freak 2

I just found out the other day that a second U-noa Freak book is out and look who did the cover art! Though she didn't do any other art within the book like last time, just the cover. I have number 1 now I need number 2........eep.

Monday, July 12, 2010


sooo looking forward to friday! Getting various pixietail animals tattooed, half sleeve on my right forearm, feels like I'm high on the excitement and antici..............pation .Bouncing around on happiness bubbles.

And for those that don't know what pixietails are, as you werent old enough too remember them from the 80's, or were too old to be into it or were more into He-man or transformers, pixie tails were toys, and in a cartoon and books called Lady Lovely Locks .They were little pastel rainbow colourful animals with long pony tails that were LLL's friends and helpers that liked to sit on her head and fly around talking in ryming riddles and cast magic spells on naughty people. They were chipmunks, rabbits, fish, snails, turtles, canary type birds, mice, and ducks all with long swirly hair tails. Very very 80's and girly and very possibly the beginnings of a lifetime obsession with having hair like a toy from that era. Brings back nostalgic happy childhood memory glee.

One of my favourite artists Junko Mizuno collects 80's toys too(she has the most amazing huge collection arranged around her studio) and in interviews she's spoken about them being such vibrant source of inspiration for her and how she couldnt make art without them ( And me too!!) I remember seeing some creatures in Pure Trance and other of her comics that remind me of pixietails, chubby flying birds with long colourful pony tails that were so awesome!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

cute laptop accessories

Im waiting for this adorable handmade laptop cover and these unopened packets of vintage carebears stickers to come in the mail, both from etsy, (yes I know it says ebay on 2 of the images but it was actually etsy) Yay for etsy!