Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Exhibition, travels and studio plans

Our grad show is now over, but here is a few pics of my work for those that missed it....

So now my Box Hill jewellery Advanced Diploma is completed and it's time to start working on building my home studio. I've already compiled lists of items to get and tasks to do... currently I'm planning, so soon will be time to start doing. I'll be jetting off to Sri Lanka and India for a 2 and a half week summer holiday very soon but when I return all my studio plans will become actions. I've had an art studio at home for sometime but now it needs to be converted into a jewellery workshop. It's a huge task which will take years to fully complete and will be an ongoing work in progress but it's all very exciting~! Wish me luck!


  1. They have the brush set in other colors as well. the plack ones and a set with I think it's light pink and blue :)thye look like you :DD (colorwise) HAHA :DDD

  2. REALLY?!? ahhh cool!!! I have to check this out, thanks xox