Saturday, December 17, 2011

Art Deco, smithing, embroidery and gradients

Some current inspirations...

I would love to learn blacksmithing so I could make spectacular gates, fences and chandeliers. Saw this magnificent gate attached to a grand Art Deco building the other day. Epic.

There is a blacksmith living in the Dandeong Ranges (where I live) he has a beautiful works in Belgrave, called Braumuller's Decorative Wrought Iron it's located at the Belgrave Art Stockade, nestled on the edge of Sherbrooke Forest near the Belgrave Puffing Billy train station. A while ago I went there numerous times to visit but it was always closed and the only person there was a man selling chestnuts out the front who told me he was sick so hopefully he is better by now and the Art Stockage is up and running again. Even when it's shut you can see through all the giant windows all the gorgeous pieces.
It's in a really magical mountainous spot too, across the road is a gnome sized wooden house right out of a fairy tale with a trickling creek, a little hydro power water wheel all surrounded by lush green mosses,vines ,ferns, wild plants and giant trees YUM. So Definitely worth a sticky beak.

Other current inspirations...

1930's embroidery on satin.

I've always had a fixation with colour gradients and various visual effects involving colours blending, mixing and over lapping. So now that I've learnt this neat trick using a cosmetic sponge to gently stipple colours fading one into the other this obsession can now spread to other areas of bodily decoration.

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