Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Library jewellery exhibition

The Box Hill institute Jewellery/metal smithing students are currently having an exhibition in the library foyer glass cabinets to correspond with the Open Day we had recently. Here are my earrings I put in the display.
Cake Pops teardrop hoops. I made these a while ago for no real particular project in mind, just playing with ideas, wanting to find a use for discarded evil polystyrene foam packaging that usually has no life after it has been used to pad a box of breakable goods. We all know that it doesn't break down so I trying to find ways of giving it a second life. Designed to be worn through stretched ear tunnels. They were originally ment to look like Flinstonesque rocks but in the end remind me of colourful chocolate dipped Cake Pops, so they're kinda cave woman meets confectionary? Click on image twice to see bigger.

And the work by all the other talented students...

Also there is another display cabinet on the left as you walk through the library entrance with the work of the Jewellery teachers which is truly amazing and if you're nearby you should most definitely have a peek. We are super lucky to have such rad artists as teachers.

And here's a sneak peak at my "school bag" which has my usual stacks of sealable containers which are filled with padded materials, jewellery I'm working on, waxes and supplies. And my Popple pencil case I bought in Tokyo which is filled with colour pencils and silicone tips.

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