Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crystal Caves Necklace and vintage items

Crystal Caves Necklace-handmade by me in my silversmithing fabrication class, cuttlefish cast mountains, filigree lace halo,sterling silver and prong set with granulation spirit quartz point.
Dress-modified by me, dyed with tea and coffee, antique crochet lace sewn on bustline, original white dress given to me by a woman who owned a fairy shop for helping out a friend host a kids fairy party.
Blue floral bag- $1 op shop score
pastel pink basket-Vintage from antique centre
polka dot sheer dress-vintage nightgown
lacey cape/jackety thing-vintage dressing gown
turban-found in a gift shop in a random country town my van broke down in last year whilst travelling, I added the peach bow with irredescent beading and a vintage crystal drop dangling from it that was a lone earring.
She-ra castle-vintage- bought off a friend
Pastel blue cupboard-50's vintage Emerald op shop $15!! I collect vintage kitschy furniture and this is one of my favourite and cheapest finds, it also has adorable 50's-60's animal decals on the side not viewable in this pic that were put there by the original!
metallic pink circus/carnival animal merry go round tin-original 50's ice-cream tin that belonged to my dad as a child.