Monday, November 22, 2010

I I?... who am i?

For those that haven't yet heard of Iamamiwhoami they're a mysterious well made avant garde audio visual project that have remained anonymous posting clips on youtube since the beginning of the year with creepy symbols, riddles, codes and clues. And they're strangely addictive.The clips featured a swedish woman with long blonde hair singing with her face distorted and hidden in the first series which were titled with coded numbers, she is often covered in black dirt, sometimes subtly doing sexually suggestive things with trees in the woods (though think more along the lines of Bjork rather than say Britney Spears, alluding sexual imagery to convey a well thought out complex conceptual art piece rather than adhering to traditional standards of beauty and because sex sells)

They even asked their followers to vote for a representative and sent him on a international flight to meet and do strange rituals.
They had a "live concert" on their normally blank website a few days ago that they deleted 3 hours after posting, which was more like a long stream of unedited footage as their was no audience and it was filmed in the forest.
The mystery continues, new videos keep coming and no one seems to have solved the riddle yet...
I suggest watching their clips from the oldest titled Prelude at the bottom of the list to the most recently posted on their channel

Clues so far:
I am bounty, 6 black cats, 6 black dogs, 6 strawberries, 666, educational, I am, it's me, Mandragora Officiarum, Mandrake root, welcome home, covered in milk? sperm?, mandrakes grow from hanged mens semen?, genetic codes, numeric codes,forests, dirt, goats giving birth, hecate, foil, trees, soil, mysterious parcels containing locks of blonde hair and animals paper riddle.

wood foetus natal moisture machine disciple orifice

foetus lap nourish cortex sap disciple wood

foetus amniotic fluid umbilical cord cream gateau disciple wood

wood disciple rodent engender spout mount

wood lay roe spasm disciple nest virulent

asterisk disciple habitat interment crest wood pulp

The words wood and disciple appear in all of them. They all seem to do with birth and death.

Goat -baaa Owl-ooo Whale-uuu, Bee-Nnn, Llama-Taa Monkey-Eee
Not sure what all this madness is or means yet but I love it.I'm so curious! Even trying to find out what other people think the answer to the riddle is a mind fuck, so many different theories and it's very hard to know who's right.. so far all I am sure of is that it is most probably Jonna Lee as it looks just like her and 5 other guys, it has something to do with mandrakes, nature and the animals spell out bounty like the titles of the songs. Hmmmm any thoughts??
Unofficial Promo that someone made with little bits of the clips..

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