Sunday, August 14, 2011

Minerals, tools and spoon.

Went to the Melbourne museum for the Craft and Design as a Career talk as part of Craft Cubed ( Whilst I was there got to see the spectacular new crystal display which has been rebuild and expanded. It's amazing, inspiring and a must see. I've been working on some new ranges, one of which using UV reactive minerals (revisiting and remaking some pieces I made years ago previous to studying silversmithing) so this was perfect timing for me to see. I'm a big museum lover, and last time I was there that area was under construction so I'd been looking forward to it for a while and I was not disappointed!

In addition I have new tool roll glee:

And have been banging away in the metal smithing studio with a hammer on anvil learning to make a copper spoon. This is what the early progress of a hand forged spoon looks like starting with a square cylinder rod... first you flatten out the bowl end of the spoon and then lengthen, round and thin out the handle, this is after about 4 hours hammering and annealing.

My spoon. My polkadot apron I bought at the Melbourne Flower and Garden show the year I had my mermaid throne sculpture (pictured on the right) at the Seasol (organic seaweed fertiliser) stand and did fantasy face painting and photography.

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