Friday, June 10, 2011

New work

'Antennae' hair piece. Copper, Rayon fibres, Dye.

I've been making some new insect and alien inspired velvety flocked jewellery. This is the pastel turquoise antennae hair comb, made to be worn with the prongs pushed into your hair (a bun or updo of some kind works well) at the back of the head. I created the symmetrical pattern on it using an embossing technique with wire under annealed copper sheet in a hydrolic press, I formed it into a soldered shut 3D 2 layered hollow puffed antennae shape with an acrylic silhouette mold I made and put in the press also. Then flocked over the copper and hand dyed the flocked rayon fibres afterwards myself.

Also I sold all my auction pieces! yay!

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