Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shiny Pointy Shards

Im Doing a Research Essay for my Jewellery course at Box Hill and I've chosen crystals, so I'm currently Researching them... pictured above are some that I own but these pics are pulled from random sites, I havent been able to get any decent photos of mine yet.I have quite a large collection which is arranged around my lounge room and bedroom. Also I'm very interested in the processes of electro plating quartz with titanium, gold and other metals to create different effects, I'm hoping to find a place I can use the equipment to do so for my jewellery. Also I got my first finished project, a head piece, silver plated the other day, very exciting, it came out sooo shiny and I'm really happy with the result, its currently sitting in my locker at tafe so that the clear resin could set overnight on the hologram resin jewel on the forehead pendant, it'd be cured now so hoping I can bring it home today for some photos!

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